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LibertaGia is the only company that offers you a business opportunity with no initial investment, get your Free Bronze Box and earn $ 15 per week or Upgrade and earn more! Box Gold you earn $ 400 per month!

About libertagia

LibertaGia is a Portuguese company operates throughout the world joined the company three major markets , e -commerce , advertising and providing a MLM business opportunity no initial cost, the company’s goal is that you reach your financial freedom with your own growing work, taking gains and increasing their earnings UPGRADE doing in your Box.

LibertaGia The company has more than 500 thousand associated with an exponential growth of more than 100 thousand members per month, has full sustainability because the more members, more product sales and company growth. Its advantage is in the fact Libertagia provide this opportunity for free, where the associate who signs up is entitled to purchase a Bronze Box cost $ 0.00. The Bronze Box you the right data storage of 10GB, a free website, gains $ 15 weekly advertising gains in nominating persons team gains 15 % residual gains of 1 % in 3 modes.

libertagia headquarters in Brazil

Products libertagia

Produtos LibertaGia

The LibertaGia has several products for the development of your business, website, business, store files, finally a multitude of digital and physical products. The company has a GiaGift that functions as a kind of digital raffle, you can buy a ticket and count on luck, who knows you get the TV of your dreams for only $10!

produtos libertagia

How Works libertagia

How Works Libertagia and their 8 ways to Gain Work


Watch the video and learn how it works LibertagGia:

Imagem de Amostra do You Tube

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see the presentation slides

See below for explanation of the forms of gains LibertaGia

The company offers 8 ways to gains, among them 3 residual income is the monthly gain, the gain you win more than once, almost every month generate residual monthly fees, advertising and sales of your team, we also have the fixed gain publication with making small daily tasks, have 2 quick wins when someone makes you win UPGRADE upgraded and the torque generated by points and finally our 2 plans Carreia the LibertaGia is the first company that provides affiliate 2 career plans, sales in one form by another team.

1st Form Gain

LibertaGia Slide5

Cash Back  you will get a percentage back of some products you buy in the company.

Box Bronze: 10% cash back
Booster Box: 20% cash back
Box Silver: 25% cash back
Gold Box: 30% cash back
Box Platinum: 40% cash back
Box visionary: 50% cash back

  EX: You bought a product that costs $ 100, your box is gold logo Your discount is 30%, the company returns to you as a way of bonus $ 30 ($ 100 x 30%).

2st Form Gain

Swag Advertising LibertaGia – You do everyday tasks, giving just clicks on ads, each box has a certain amount of ad to be clicked, and the end of the daily task, you earn dollars.

There are 5 days a week, if you lose one day, no problem, you’ll have Saturday and Sunday to replenish.

Bronze Box: paid $ 3 per day, $ 15 per week, $ 60 per month!
Booster Box: pays $ 5 per day, $ 25 a week, $ 100 per month!
Box: Silver: Pays $ 12 per day, $ 60 per week, $ 240 per month!
Gold Box: pays $ 20 per day, $ 100 a week, $ 400 per month!
Box Platinum: pays $ 40 per day, $ 200 per week $ 800 per month!
Box visionary: pays $ 80 per day, $ 400 per week, $ 1600 per month!

Note: Dollar to U.S. $ 2.30, you get in real visionary in R $ 3,680.00 per month!

3st Form Gain

Gains of your Publicity Team – 1st Residual gain. The people you refer , also indicate people , and to the extent that they are doing all the tasks and earning with ads , you also earn a percentage from 1% to 2 % of earnings of your team to the 6th level .

To understand the levels , use as an example: Rafael indicated Welton ( 1st level ) that stated Mary ( 2nd level ) that indicated Joseph ( 3rd level ) that indicated John ( 4th level ) that stated Peter ( 5th level ) which indicated Pablo ( 6th level ) . Welton is your 1st level as you indicated , however Mary is your 2nd level was indicated for who Welton , and so where Pablo was his 6th level .

Bronze Booster Box and Box pays 1 % , Silver Box above 2 % in bonus pay .

EX : Suppose that all the gains of joining his team to the 6th level , generates revenues of $ 500,000.00
You win in Box Bronze Booster or 1 %
500,000.00 x 1 % = $ 5,000.00

You win in Box Silver, Gold , Platinum and visionary 2 %
500,000.00 x 2 % = $ 10,000.00 = $ 23,000.00 R

For month!

4st Form Gain

Sales Team – 2nd Residual gain. The LibertaGia has several products in which it is salable, where everyone on your team can sell and take profits and hence you earn 1% to 6% of sales of all his team to the 6th level.

EX: Your team until the 6th level sold an average of $ 200,000.00 in products.

Bronze Box: 1% – earn $ 2,000.00
Booster Box: 2% – would earn $ 4,000.00
Box: Silver: 3% – would earn $ 6,000.00
Gold Box: 4% – would earn $ 8,000.00
Platinum Box: 5% – earn $ 10,000.00
Box visionary: 6% – earn $ 12,000.00

5st Form Gain

Monthly gains – 3rd Residual gain. Every Box of LibertaGia generates a monthly fee , and every time someone on your team to the 6th level pay this monthly , you earn bonuses that vary according to your Box may reach 6 % .

About the tuition : all tuition paid back to you in the form of domestic money, with this value , you can purchase products , upgrade and thus generate more income for you . It is money that you have paid but the value back , as Mark Sepe Marketing Director LibertaGia says the company puts into his right pocket , and you get put in your left pocket . Remember that this tuition is very important because it creates sustainability and bonuses and monthly sales network .

EX : the monthly gathering of the entire team to the 6th level of different box , gave an average of $ 200,000.00 in fees.

Bronze Box : 1 % – earn $ 2,000.00
Booster Box : 2 % – would earn $ 4,000.00
Box : Silver: 3 % – would earn $ 6,000.00
Gold Box : 4 % – would earn $ 8,000.00
Platinum Box : 5 % – earn $ 10,000.00
Box visionary : 6 % – earn $ 12,000.00

6st Form Gain

LibertaGia Slide20

Gains Quick Start – Each person you refer, automatically it will have a free Bronze Box that does not generate profits quick start, but if that person indicated directly from you, do the UPGRADE any paid account, you earn fast start bonuses .

The fast start bonuses ranging from $ 30 to $ 300. When indicated some direct your UPGRADE to do:

Booster Box: you win $ 30
Box: Silver: win $ 70
Gold Box: win $ 100
Box Platinum: win $ 200
Box visionary: win $ 300

Note: nomination Bronze plan is not UPGRADE and you only get the UPGRADE. Bronze is free and does not generate fast start bonus. You only earn residual of Bronze Box.

7st Form Gain

LibertaGia Slide22

Team Bonus – Every time someone on your team do the UPGRADE will generate call PGE score, the score varies with the UPGRADE performed. You win the team lower volume percentage according to Box acquired.

Box Bronze: earn 15% 
Booster Box: earn 20%
Box: Silver: earn 25% 
Gold Box: earn 30% 
Box Platinum: earn 30%
Box visionary: earn 30%

EX: If you have 10,000 points to 20,000 points left and the right side. Automatically your left is the team with less volume this day. You get on the team with less volume. 

Ex: you have a Gold Box wins this 30% bonus.
10,000 x 30% = $ 3,000.00

8st Form Gain

Career and Awards for Sales of Products LibertaGia

LibertaGia Slide10

LibertaGia Slide11

LibertaGia Slide12

LibertaGia Slide13

Career and Training Awards by Team LibertaGia

LibertaGia Slide23

LibertaGia Slide24

LibertaGia Slide27

LibertaGia Slide26

LibertaGia Slide28

LibertaGia Slide29

How to request and receive the loot gains?
You request the withdrawal of the 1st to 10th of each month the company deposited his earnings until the 30th. You inform the bank account in the virtual office, the account must be the same as the holder of the registration LibertaGia.

You can also pay with your inner balance requests, may make transfers between logins and thus sell their dollars for other members of LibertaGia.

Minimum amount for withdrawal and transfer is $ 300.

Dont Miss Time!!!

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  • Tabrez

    i want to know more about this

  • shahid

    can i send my state subject as a residence proof……or anyother resdince proof…..

    • libertagia Author

      Hi, just your residence, in residence proof you can send same address picture

  • ahmad siddique

    sir i want to make an acount in libertagia .co for earn 3 dollers ?can u tell me plz

  • shahid

    do this company real pay. those amounts they show on website

  • hi...i have a question here..just new here..after registration what would i do?

    i have a question just new here…just knew it today…well im quite interested…but i don’t know where to go after registration…what shall i do?

    • libertagia Author

      You have to do the tasks, complete your profile in personal data, send documents to confirm that you is a people and not span, and do the project, invite yours friends and earn money!!!

  • payed

    hi all.
    i’m working with libertagia. who person payed when libertagia?

  • Mahesh Kumar
    12 meses ago ·

    How libertagia pay money to the online workers

    • libertagia Author
      12 meses ago ·

      Hi, the company pay by bank transfer, now, we have the libertagia card international.

  • Srikar Reddy Lingampally
    12 meses ago ·

    can the bronze and booster packeges can transfer the amount into another acoount?

  • Srikar Reddy Lingampally
    12 meses ago ·

    can we shop using capitive balance

    • libertagia Author
      12 meses ago ·

      Capitive is just to UPGRADE or LibertaGia products. You can use Balance + Capitive to do it. Available balance is to withdraw. If you like do UPGRADE i sold balance to you do.

  • Dimitrios Chatzigiannakis
    12 meses ago ·

    Good day. Can you please inform about the conditions and the process for upgrading from bronze to booster. Do we use the balance and the captive balance for that?
    Thank you.

    • libertagia Author
      12 meses ago ·

      You can use Balance + Captive. I have Balance to do your upograde, is just you buy by me.

  • karim
    12 meses ago ·

    can you please give me the link to create a LibertaGia a card ?

  • Charlie
    12 meses ago ·

    How to upgrade in libertagia? Can I use balance? cabtive balance or available balance?

    • libertagia Author
      12 meses ago ·

      Hi! You can use balance + captive… if you dont have balances, i have and i can do your upgrade, you send to me money by bank transfer, and i pay for you your reference.

  • srinivas
    11 meses ago ·

    sir can u plz tell how do i create an account in libertagia,when i am creating my account it was showing that ur i nick name is already exist! can u plz help me

  • srinivas
    11 meses ago ·

    hi sir can u plz tell me the next process as i was doing my daily tasks and i am new to libertagia and can u plz tell what documents i should upload

  • Mustaqeem
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    during registration process what to write in the ‘document’ filed? secondly can we remain as a free member forever or we have to upgrade after some specific period?

  • Trimor
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    Hi Libertagia !
    Can I withdraw money to my bank account . Not to LibertaGia credit card but in my personal CreditCard ?

  • chandana
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    My friend has given wrong gmail id while creating her account. now how can she change her id becoz all mails are going to some other ID whch is not her ID.

    Please help


  • Furqan Muhamamd
    11 meses ago ·

    I’ve searched alot about libertagia and decided to join the site. But before that i’ve some questions I expect you to resolve them.
    1. Can I transfer the Avaialable Balance to Captive Balance to upgarde account quickly or to other members within the libertia group?
    2. If it is possible to internally transfer then what can they do with that balance? Either they could withdraw it or Can only use to upgrade?
    3. Do libertagia charge me fee of 40$/month at Bronze level If I do not referr to any person?
    4. Do I nedd to refer others to get team bonus?
    5. If I got PGEs upto the level at which they give me incentives, will libertagia consume those PGEs or they will still remain in my account for the next bonus?
    6. Can I place referals directly invited to the left or right of the binary system by myself or the system will automatically place them?

  • Abelard
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    How to transfer money from libertagia in my acount in my bank in KOSOVO juzheli in TEB Bank in Kosovo

  • Umer
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    How to make my account in libertagia for working. How I bring my reffrels for my ernings?

  • fareed
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    sir i want to join u team but i not find sing up site please sent me a link to easy sign up and creat a account

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    Hi.. sir. I just want to know that what is this available balance?

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